3/16/2018 Julia S Model Garage is always amazing to work with. Thank you for such a great experience -- you were clear about what you found, what the issue was, and what was needed to fix it throughout. I really appreciate it!
3/14/2018 Wonderful service and very quick!
3/8/2018 Bradley Hilton I'm really happy with the service I received. I brought my car in for the 80,000 mile check up and I really appreciate that nobody tried to sell me on more services than what I needed. I'll be back when something is wrong. The turnaround for this service was really quick and someone even cleaned my dashboard (not expected, but it was pretty nice!)
3/7/2018 Barbara Holmgren Wonderful service as usual
3/6/2018 Frank Neuhauser Fast, reasonable and complete....what more can one ask for....oh, they were really nice.
3/3/2018 Elisabeth Semel Always responsive, kind, generous, professional, and knowledgeable. Wonderful people and wonderful service!
3/1/2018 Gordon Messick great service as usual. cost less than estimate. Thank You!!!
2/28/2018 Julie Segedy Extraordinary people! Friendly, patient, knowledgeable, honest, kind, give great advice. Service is great as well. They take cre of their customers!!! I've been a client for a couple of years, and just turned on my sister who also has a Volvo (older). She's half in love with them and swears she'll never go to another mechanic, altho' she lives in SF. Model Garage is the 4th service center I've been to, and they zre by far the best. A great turn-on!
2/27/2018 Stephen Blum As has been the case since about 1992, with a number of our cars: service which is outstanding, reasonable, good-humored.
2/26/2018 Judith Shaw Great and fast service.
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