4/27/2017 Jenny Johnston As always, friendly, comprehensible, and effective service. I love The Model Garage!
4/25/2017 Maggie Klein First time customer, and I'm coming back. Came in because I'd taken my Prius to a Toyota dealer to have a recalled item replaced. While there, I thought I'd get the car serviced. I got a call that two problems needed to be corrected, for $2,000. I didn't trust the advice, so took the car to Model Garage. Without discrediting the dealership, they told me neither problem required immediate attention, and may never need to be repaired. Felt good in this era of people looking to make a buck, especially when someone has limited knowledge, as I do of my car.
4/24/2017 Mary Graham As always, everyone at Model Garage was wonderful and helpful! I got an honest opinion about repairs based on my budget and a free rental when my repair job took longer than expected. Thank you, Model Garage!
4/23/2017 John Kasamoto Their service was top notch! They were very honest about what was going on with my transmission and could have taken the opportunity to charge me much more, but they didn't and for that, I am a customer for life.
4/23/2017 David Mckee Outstanding service, honest, sincere and understood problem and fixed it to satisfaction.
4/22/2017 Douglas Greenberg My Volvo stalled and the oil pressure light came on. I thought there might be a problem with the oil pressure sensor or the oil pump. The mechanics at Model Garage quickly diagnosed a failing fuel pump. They had the car repaired in a couple of hours. Model Garage is reliable, fair, and friendly.
4/22/2017 Thomas The Model Garage was very professional and gave me a fair rate on the transmission service for my 2003 Lexus LS430. I barely had to wait to speak to anyone after I arrived, and they had my car ready at the promised time.
4/21/2017 Virginia De La Puente Really great service and sensitive to cost.
4/18/2017 Stephen Blum We have been with you since 1992, with various Volvo and Toyota cars, new and used, and consistently recommend you to friends. Everything, as always, super in terms of reliability, courtesy, professional advice---and all liberally dosed with a fine sense of fond humor. Don't get no better than that.....
4/16/2017 Lynne Tsubouchi Customer Service is the very best of the best!!! Mechanics are accurate, thorough and efficient. The folks at Model Garage are super special people. I am always totally satisfied with the superior service at Model Garage. From a customer of about 30 years
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