12/9/2017 Sarah Rosenkrantz The folks at Model Garage are straightforward and helpful. My car was fixed exactly how, when and for the price they said it would be. The price is not cheap - but then again neither is the quality of the work or service.
12/7/2017 Ian Connelly I always trust Model Garage to give me clear and helpful guidance on necessary v optional service and repairs. Thanks!
12/7/2017 Teru Hirano Won't buy a car that is not serviced by Model Garage. Have had them service my previous Volvo and current Lexus for the past twenty-five years. They are the best!
12/4/2017 Tracy Bosche Fantastic. Couldn't be better. My car was finished in less time than initially expected. All the work agreed to, came in slightly less than the estimate (not more). I left Model Garage feeling happy and looking forward to taking my Volvo in again - I am not exaggerating. No one likes taking their car in but somehow Model Garage does it so right, it's enjoyable.They explain things well, do what they say, are nice, an absolute pleasure to deal with. Too bad in this day - those qualities are so rare. And, yes, my car repairs are done well. I can feel it when I drive away. What they fix stays fixed. I've had the same Volvo 11 years, 190,000 miles, tried other independent mechanics - but, in my experience - Model Garage is the best.
12/2/2017 David Robertson Friendly, clearly explained everything that needed to be done, and gave me options on what to do.
12/1/2017 Kathy Jessen Always reliable
11/30/2017 John Dedomenico Always great service and super friendly staff.
11/24/2017 Mary Once again, wonderful, fast, friendly service.
11/20/2017 Debbie Rush great service and warm staff
11/17/2017 Adrian Salgado The folks at The Model Garage provided excellent customer service. I can honestly say I will always have peace of mind whenever I take my car to get serviced at The Model Garage. With just a phone call, Bruce or Robert are there to either schedule a service appointment or answer any questions. Now that's what I call customer satisfaction.
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