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The Model Garage Berkeley, CA – Brake Service, Repair, and Maintenance

Imagine driving a vehicle on the road, and the brakes suddenly fail; that's enough to cause panic because you won't be able to slow down or stop your vehicle, and the chances of causing a collision or property damage are high. Don't let your brake system's problem compromise your driving safety - take your vehicle to an expert auto care shop to get the brakes repaired as soon as you recognize an issue.

The Model Garage is the experienced automotive repair center in Berkeley, CA, with over 40 years in the vehicle maintenance sector. We are happy to be your neighborhood auto repair specialists, providing our esteemed clients in the city with a wide range of car maintenance solutions, including brake repairs and services.

We boast a crew of trained, professional, and industry-seasoned mechanics who hold ASE certifications. We truly understand the ins and outs of brake systems and can repair any issue at hand. Do you own a Subaru, Honda Acura, & Toyota, Lexus, or Scion? If so, our experts have the knack for fixing brake issues in foreign models. We can provide brake services for hybrid vehicles as well.

Signs of a Failing Brake System

When your car's brakes start developing issues, they will alert you of the problems through various signs. It is critical to be alert and have the brakes checked and fixed by an expert mechanic whenever you notice a problem with the brakes. Here are some signs and symptoms that you have a brake problem:

  • Leaking Brake Fluid
  • Brake Light Flashes On the Dashboard
  • Squealing, Grinding, And Squeaking Sound When Braking
  • Vibrating or Wobbling Steering When Braking
  • The Vehicle Pulls to One Side When You Press the Brake Pedal
  • Burning Odor When Driving

A vehicle brake inspection is essential to prevent road collisions and unexpected breakdowns. Our technicians will thoroughly assess the complete braking system and all its components during a brake inspection, including brake fluid, brake lines, brake pads, and rotors, among other related parts. Our professionals will be able to pick up hidden brake problems and repair them before they become complicated. That goes a long way in keeping you safe on the road.

If you're looking for brake service and repair solutions in Berkeley, CA, visit The Model Garage today, and we'll be glad to offer professional and friendly help.

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