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Hello again,

Robert here with an urgent alert regarding catalytic converter thefts. Recently, we have seen an alarming number of Prius that has been targeted in Berkeley and outlying areas. This comes at a cost of about $3,000.00 dollars to replace the missing parts. We have provided a link to a news story on KTVU.


We recommend you be mindful of where you park. Choose a well-lit or high traffic area. Find a spot where your vehicle can not be easily lifted with a jack such as on a hill, in-between other vehicles or an immovable object. In order the remove the converter from your vehicle, it is necessary to lift the vehicle with a jack. As much as burglar alarms are more of an annoyance, it may be time to invest in one that has a motion sensor. If you already have an alarm, be sure the motion sensor is sensitive enough to go off if the vehicle is lifted. If you have a garage, it’s time to clean it out and start parking your car inside.

We can provide Cat Security plates for several different vehicles. See the link below.  As with all anti-theft devices and the measures noted above, there is no guarantee that the most motivated thief will not prevail but we believe this will encourage the average crook to move on to an easier target.

If you are interested in having this work performed on your vehicle, please make an appointment using this link: https://www.modelgarageberkeley.com/appointments  or give us a call at 510-540-5899

How do you know if your catalytic converter has been stolen? When you start it up, it will be very loud, like a car with no muffler.

Be safe and don’t let your car be the next target.

Robert and The Model Garage Team.


To See All Available Cat Security Click Here

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