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5 Signs That Indicate It Is Time for a Wheel Alignment

Is your vehicle veering left and right, or do you simply struggle to get your car to drive straight? If so, your vehicle’s wheel alignment may be off. The angle at which your tires meet the road can drastically affect the steerability and handling of your car. Furthermore, poor alignment can compromise your braking and suspension performance. To ensure your car runs in peak condition, we advise you to have your wheel alignment checked often. 

Here are 5 symptoms that indicate you’re due for a wheel alignment:

  1. Veering Left or Right - Typically, when driving on a straight and smooth road, your vehicle will drive straight naturally on its own. However, if your vehicle swerves left or right, you should have your alignment checked ASAP.
  2. Vibrating Steering Wheel - Misaligned wheels can put stress on your steering wheel. It may vibrate or shake.
  3. Off-Centered Steering Wheel - Another symptom that your steering wheel may exemplify is the inability to be straight. Your vehicle’s logo may sit crooked on the steering wheel, indicating something wrong with your alignment.
  4. Noisy Tires - When your car tires aren’t angled to their manufacturer’s specifications, they will rub the road the wrong way. That is why they may sound noisy when they are out of alignment.
  5. Uneven Tire Wear - Tire tread is a good place to check to determine if your wheel alignment is off. If the tread appears uneven, it can indicate a misalignment.

Wheel Alignment in Berkeley, CA

At The Model Garage, we offer a wide range of tire services to keep your vehicle in good shape. We genuinely care about your and your loved ones’ safety, so bring your car to our auto repair shop for a proper wheel alignment today!

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