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Why Is My Steering Wheel Vibrating?

Why Is My Steering Wheel Vibrating?

A shaky steering wheel isn’t just uncomfortable to deal with, but it can be extremely unsafe. This is a tell-tale sign of something wrong with your vehicle, so be sure to bring your car to the local experts at The Model garage in Berkeley, CA as soon as possible. Various car problems are linked to a vibrating steering wheel, and some of them might surprise you. Next time you get the feeling, be sure to look at the timing, any sounds, or the current state of your car. It can help you and your technician diagnose it quicker, later on. 1. Unbalanced Tires One of the most common symptoms of unbalanced tires is an unstable steering wheel. If your tires are the problem, you will feel it in the steering wheel since they are close in proximity. If this were the case, you would notice the shakiness worsening as you accelerate. It will rarely occur when you drive slower than 50mph. To prevent this instability, be sure to keep up with your tire maintenance service. The professional team ... read more

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