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Monthly Archives: October 2021

Myths About Car Batteries That Just Aren't True

Myths About Car Batteries That Just Aren't True

Many people take the reliability of a car's electrical system for granted until your car doesn't start. Without a battery, the ignition and starter would have no capability to crank the engine. Even after your vehicle starts, the battery continues to provide electrical charges to power the car's electrical systems. While you may think batteries are straightforward, many misunderstandings exist about their function, maintenance, and purpose. Today, we're here to lay it all out and set the record straight. Myth #1: Hot weather isn't as bad on batteries as cold weather. Both hot or cold temperatures can negatively affect the liquid solution that holds a charge in the battery. Both extremes significantly lower performance and leads to premature wear. While batteries won't freeze in frigid temperatures, it will also limit the battery's ability to work at full power. Ho ... read more

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