Differences Between Shocks & Struts

If you are looking to replace your suspension components, it can be difficult to differentiate whether shocks or struts are right for you. In some vehicles, they may even have both. Today, we will explain some distinctions between shocks and struts and how they can improve your vehicle's handling and performance.

Shock Absorber

A shock absorber, or shock, is a device that dampens the movement of a vehicle's springs. They are responsible for enabling a smooth drive and minimizing wear on other suspension components like your ball joints, bearings, or bushings. By reducing the feeling of bumps on the road, they keep your tires in proper contact with the road.


A strut is a structural component that helps support the vehicle's body and keep it level to the ground. Sometimes, shocks can be included in the strut's configuration. Struts work by distributing side-to-side forces from one end of the vehicle to the other. Struts can be found on both the front and rear end of vehicles.


While both sound very similar, they aren't quite the same. Strut more so supports the chassis while shock absorbers support the entire suspension (everything between the chassis and wheels). The best way to approach it is to think of shocks as more for comfort and struts for safety.


Depending on your vehicle make and model and driving demands, you could need both shocks and struts. Both components are extremely important when it comes to comfortability and safety. If you are looking for dependable shocks or struts replacement, look no further than The Model Garage. Our experts will take great care of your suspension system!

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