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How to Check Your Tire Pressure

Owning a car is a luxury. However, one needs to be disciplined and do frequent checks. One of the things that one needs to check often is tire pressure. This is necessary because the tires need to have a specific amount of pressure for the car to move well. But, how do you check your car tire pressure? Well, do not worry. Read on and find out.

It is best to check the tire pressure in the mornings when the car has cooled down. This is because the friction between the tire and the road usually increases tire pressure. So once it has cooled down, you can check the pressure.

1. First and foremost, check your car owner's manual to find out the recommended amount of pressure that the car requires. Different cars have a different amount of tire pressure required. For this reason, you need to confirm the required amount for your car before adding any pressure. You can also find this information on a sticker inside the doorjamb on the driver's side. Once you have this information, you can begin checking the pressure.

2. So, start by unscrewing the cap that is on the valve stem. Once the caps are out, immediately press the tire gauge on the valve stem. Ensure that the connection between the valve stem and the tire gauge is flat so it can completely seal the valve.

3. When the tire gauge stick pops or the dial moves, remove the gauge from the valve. Reset the gauge, in case of escaping air. Keep checking the gauge to confirm the pressure does not pass the recommended limit. If the pressure is lower, just repeat the whole process from inflating the car pressure to filling in the pressure through the valve stem. Keep repeating the process till the pressure gets to the recommended amount.

You can get these kinds of services from some companies. However, your car needs the best of services. If you need car tire services and more, you are welcome to our auto repair shop where we shall provide you with the best car care services.

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