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How to Protect Your Catalytic Converter Against Theft

One common crime that is becoming more popular today is catalytic converter theft. Yep - you heard that right. You can find these metallic gadgets under your vehicle, and they are responsible for converting dangerous engine gasses into safer vapors to be released into the air. 


You might wonder why these are so special. Thieves flock to catalytic converters because they contain precious metals such as palladium, platinum, rhodium, and copper, all of which have risen in price since the start of the pandemic. Unfortunately, the cost of replacing a catalytic converter may triple or quadruple the selling price of the stolen one. Nonetheless, if yours gets stolen, you should immediately get a new one to avoid damage to other parts. Moreover, you could be compromising your health and safety.


Tips to Prevent Catalytic Converter Theft

Here are several things you can do to prevent catalytic converter theft from your vehicle.

  • Only park in well-lit parking areas as light is often considered a deterrent. You can try installing motion-sensor lights so that it turns on when someone walks by.
  • Park close to the entrance of parking lots
  • Store your vehicle inside your garage (if possible)
  • Add an outdoor video surveillance system at home.
  • Mount a converter protective plate cover so that there is a substantial barrier protecting the cat. You may also have the converter welded onto the car frame or have the vehicle's VIN # etched onto the converter.
  • Make adjustments to the car's security system's sensitivity. That way, it will activate when there are random vibrations.
  • Cars that sit higher off the ground, like SUVs, pickup trucks, vans, and crossovers, are more targeted than sedans and coupes. If you have one, try parking your vehicle between low-profile vehicles so that it is harder for thieves to get underneath them.

If you are a victim of catalytic converter theft and need a replacement in Berkeley, CA, look no further than the experts at The Model Garage.

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