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How to Secure a Load Onto Your Vehicle

Whether you're hauling luggage for a road trip or carrying moving boxes for a big move for the spring and summer, you'll need to know how to do it safely. Transporting oversized or heavy items can present major risks, and if you aren't careful, it can get you or others hurt. Moreover, you don't want a ticket for something you can easily avoid. With the proper knowledge and tools, you can easily transport your items. Here are some things you should keep in mind!

Clean Everything Out First

Before your trip or move-in day, it is especially important that you tidy up your car first. Get rid of any trash or unnecessary items so that it doesn't take up space. Once you have a clean vehicle, it'll make things easier to organize.

Size Matters

If you own an SUV, truck, or van, you can obviously haul more than a sedan or coupe. You can transport more items and even strap them on top of your vehicle's roof. However, you must know how much all your cargo weighs before cramming it into or onto your vehicle. Your owner's manual will have more information on how much weight your car can support.

Make Sure Everything is Secure

If you're utilizing the roof of a car to carry your items, it is extremely important that you secure the items properly. Make sure that you tie your rope or straps tightly inside the car. Additionally, it would help if you wrapped it lengthwise and widthwise. 

Keep Your View Clear

Most people tend to cram their cars with as much stuff as possible, but you shouldn't have to do it at the cost of your safety. Please make sure your items aren't blocking any of your view or mirrors. The driver needs to see all angles around their car for everyone's safety.


We hope some of these tips help you keep your belongings secure and organized. For all your automotive needs, you can always count on The Model Garage. Please call or visit our auto repair shop today for any service or repairs.

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