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Symptoms That Indicate You May Need a Tune-Up

Your vehicle is a complex machine comprising closely functioning components. Scheduled inspection and maintenance of these vehicle components are vital to optimum driveability, safety, and improved fuel efficiency. This timely inspection and maintenance visit is called "tune-up."

Sometimes a car tune-up is solely about check-up of vehicle systems whereas, in other cases, it might involve repair or replacements of malfunctioning parts to keep the vehicle in good shape. These repairs or replacements become necessary when your vehicle displays unusual signs or abnormalities in normal functioning, prompting the driver to bring it in for a tune-up.

Here are some of these signs that would indicate a deviation from normal vehicle operations:

Difficulty in starting the engine

A hard start could indicate an array of underlying problems ranging from battery issues, ignition or fuel system faults, or a malfunctioning electrical component or a spark plug. A vehicle tune-up can diagnose and rectify the causative situation.

Rough idle while accelerating

Another red flag is when your car idles or accelerates roughly. This can mean anything from a mere spark plug ignition issue or fuel filter problem, but it can also indicate a more profound internal engine fault.

Engine stalls

A stalling engine is abrupt, unexpected, and can result in accidents. There may be different reasons for a frequently stalling engine, such as worn spark plugs, clogged fuel filters, or a dead battery. A professional auto repair technician can detect the root cause of stalling during a tune-up.

Unusual noises

Sudden abnormal sounds from the vehicle systems are a sign to have a tune-up appointment. Clanking, knocking, squealing, or screeching are some unusual noises that can be investigated during a tune-up.

Poor fuel economy

A well-functioning engine will maximize your fuel efficiency. Your vehicle tune-up can detect any engine leaks or problems causing the downfall of fuel economy.

Spongy or vibrating brakes

It's time for a tune-up if the braking is difficult, soft, or vibrating. Brake issues such as worn brake pads, rotors, or brake fluid can be easily repaired by a mechanic.


Tune-ups are essential to prevent the development of any major vehicle fault or failure. Diagnosis and repair of the underlying issue during a tune-up visit not only ensures a well-running vehicle but also saves time, cost, and energy. If you require a tune-up for your vehicle, visit our auto repair shop and get quality maintenance services.

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