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Is It OK to Skip An Oil Change?

While it may be tempting to skip an oil change due to our busy schedules, doing so can pose harmful risks for your engine. For your car to run smoothly every day, you need to put clean engine oil in it to keep the motor and its parts lubricated. Motor oil helps to minimize friction, prevent corrosion, and maintain a stable engine temperature. Over time, this fluid picks up a decent amount of dirt and grime. That is why it is to get your oil and filter changed on time, every time.


The frequency of routine oil services may vary from person to person or car to car. Additionally, the climate and driving habits also play a role. The owner's manual is the best place to find reliable information regarding your oil change intervals, the type of oil required (conventional or synthetic), and much more. Your automaker has recommendations for all your maintenance items, not just your oil changes. By following the manufacturer's specifications, you'll protect your investment and be able to drive your vehicle for years to come.


The next time you think about skipping an oil change - don't! Driving with insufficient levels of oil or contaminated/dirty oil can lead to severe engine problems down the line. The most common issue is the overheating of engine parts. As time goes on, your engine will become less efficient, leading to extra repairs and costs related to inefficiency.


If your car is due for an oil service, don't wait to get it done. We invite you to The Model Garage for a professional oil change and filter replacement today.

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