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Why Does My Brake Pedal Feel Mushy?

Brakes are a critical safety component because they help you control vehicle speed and stop your vehicle when needed. You simply cannot operate a car without functioning brakes. A common problem that drivers face when it comes to brakes is soft or mushy brake pedals. When this happens, stopping your car may be a problem, making driving very dangerous. Below are some reasons why brakes can get spongy:

Damaged Brake Lines

Brakes lines are susceptible to rust. Moisture and salt can collect in certain areas and weaken your brake lines when you drive. As a result, you may experience leaks that cause spongy brake pedals.

Old or Low Brake Fluid

Brake fluid is necessary to convert the pressure applied to the brake pedals into stopping power. As previously mentioned, a loss in the brake fluid can cause mushy brakes. However, old and contaminated DOT fluid can also cause the same feeling. Fluid maintenance is necessary for this particular reason so that your brake fluid remains effective at doing its job.

Air Trapped in the Lines

Air in the brake lines is one of the most popular reasons for weird brake pedals. Your entire brake system can be compromised due to the uneven fluid distribution. The proper repair for this issue usually includes both bleeding brakes and a fluid change.

Worn Cylinder

The master cylinder plays a crucial role in the brake fluid flow. Over time, the cylinder seals may leak or break from wear and tear. When this happens, please seek immediate brake service.


Brake Fluid Service in Berkeley, CA

Effective and functioning brake pedals are essential to your and others' safety on the road. Therefore, if you start to pick up an unusual feeling with your brake pedals, please take it to the certified technicians at The Model Garage. 

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